New Year, New Blog

Happy new year’s eve!

It’s cliché, but I’ve resolved to make the new year a distinctive one. Like everyone, I have some typical resolutions -get more fit, eat more mindfully, be happier, etc. Most importantly (to me), my primary resolution is that I plan to focus my energy on my photography business. For the last few years, I’ve taken photography jobs as they have been handed to me -a family photography session here, a high school senior session photography there. I’ve been thankful for each opportunity and accepted each task with gladness; however, I did not reach for more than those photography sessions that conveniently came my way.

This year, I will be taking an active role in my photography business. I will not only be seeking out new clients but purposefully exploring outside of my “comfort zone.” I’ve been brimming with ideas lately about how to market my brand and improve my technique; many of these ideas make me somewhat uncomfortable. However, I realize that if I am doing really my best, I am not sitting cozily at home on my couch. Instead, I will investigating opportunities in my local community (frightening for an introvert like me!). Discomfort aside, to reach my goals for 2018, I know that I must be willing to advance beyond that which is easily attainable.

I hope, dear reader, that you will follow my journey to better my photography skills and serve my community through my work. This will definitely be interesting!

-Elizabeth A.


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