Matthews, NC Session: Cherished Memory

Timeless images always have a story.

When I flip through my portfolio and consider the photography sessions I’ve had over the years, certain photographs strike me as particularly significant.

In the autumn of 2015, a client contacted me about setting up a photography session for himself and his beloved 13-year-old golden retriever, Baby. The sweet dog had been diagnosed with cancer the year before and, despite receiving treatment, was not expected to live much longer.

The three of us met at a local park and spent the next few hours wandering in the fading sunlight, stopping in picturesque clearings to feed Baby treats and photograph her precious smiles.

Andy + Baby Rework 1.2018 WEB-9

The shot below is one of my favorite images that I have ever captured:

Andy + Baby Rework 1.2018 WEB-5

Gentle, sweet Baby passed away 4 months later, just after her 14th birthday.

My client has commented to me more than once over the last few years that he is so thankful that we had a photography session with Baby. Not only did she have a wonderful time (look at that grin!), but my client has cherished memories stored safely forever as images.

Andy + Baby Rework 1.2018 WEB-11

I’m so grateful to have been a part of that evening in late October. Baby will be missed for years to come!

-Elizabeth A.




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