My Helpmate

My husband, Matt, hates being in front of the camera. This is a fact that he has been vocal about since our (early) dating days. Whenever a lens is turned his direction, whether it be DSLR or cell phone, he inevitably exclaims, “The camera is stealing my smile!”

Despite his distaste towards being photographed, Matt continues to support my photography aspirations whenever he is able. If I need assistance behind or before my lens, he is my enduring aide.

For instance, when I needed some examples of business portraits, he cheerfully obliged.

Matt WEB-1

As I mentioned in my family session recap earlier this month (“Holiday Tradition”), he often assists me during family photography sessions.

Zenor Extra WEB-1

He is a gifted child-entertainer, applying his skills and enabling me to photograph parents and siblings with few distractions!

Zenor -extra WEB-1

On a rare snow day like today, I felt compelled to document the gorgeous flurries. My handsome model agreed to 5 minutes in the snowfall.

Snow Day WEB-3

I couldn’t ask for a more supportive spouse!

– Elizabeth A.

Thanksgiving WEB-1


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