Matthews, NC: Fresh Florals

Like many women, I love receiving a bright bouquet of flowers from my love on Valentine’s day. The delicate blooms with their delicious aroma add organic charm to my kitchen.

Charlotte NC Matthews NC Photography Photographer

What I like even better than decorating my kitchen with florals is photographing them. They are ready, versatile subjects that I am able to take my time with.

Matthews Charlotte NC Photography Photographer

The vibrant colors, the soft edges, and swirling shapes are so appealing in my camera’s viewfinder.

Charlotte NC Photography Matthews NC Photographer Photography Photographer

My ideal aesthetic for my photographs is dreamy, ethereal, and vibrant. Blossoms lend themselves well towards achieving this style!

Matthews NC Photographer Charlotte NC Photography

All these images were photographed with my Canon 40D and 50mm macro lens.

-Elizabeth A.

Many thanks to my sweet husband for the beautiful blooms!

Charlotte, NC Matthews, NC Photography Photographer



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