Mooresville, NC: Adopt a Dog from ARRF

The Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue Foundation is a non-profit dog rescue organization run by dedicated + passionate volunteers. At the Mooresville facility, the stray, surrendered, or former shelter dogs are rehabilitated and cared for until a compatible family is found for permanent placement.

Matthews Photographer 4

The rescue’s loyal staff provide everything for the current residents, offering endless attention and affection.

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My husband and I adopted our rottweiler, Quorra, almost a year ago from ARRF. Through the process I was impressed not only with small operation, but also the quality of care that the volunteers provide for the dogs awaiting their new homes. For this reason, creating portraits of the rescue’s current residents to help them get adopted is a passion project for me!

Are you looking to add a furry friend to your family? Below are some of the dogs currently available for adoption!

Penny – loving + gentle Rottweiler

Matthews Photography Photographer 6


Atlas – energetic + affectionate Rottweiler mix puppy

Matthews Photographer 3


China – gentle + sweet Rottweiler

Matthews Photographer Photography 4


June – active + friendly Rottweiler

Matthews Charlotte Photographer Photography 2


Damon – intelligent + handsome Rottweiler

Matthews Photographer 1


The Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue doesn’t just host Rottweilers!

Charlie – loveable + mild Catahoula Leopard dog

Matthews Photography Photographer 3


Crawford -energetic + cuddly lab mix

Matthews Photographer 2.jpg


Nash – active + friendly Pitbull puppy

Matthews Photography Photographer 5


Gypsy – cheerful + energetic Alapaha Blue Blood bulldog

Matthews Charlotte Photographer Photography


Kaya – energetic + sweet Pitbull

Matthews Photographer Photography


All photography made with my Canon 5d III camera and Tamron 24-70mm lens.

Matthews Photography Photographer.jpg

– Elizabeth A.

To adopt your new best friend, visit:

Matthews Photographer Photography 3




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