Matthews, NC: Summer Photography Session Lookbook

Have you ever found yourself at a loss when selecting your outfit for a photography session? Below are some seasonally-inspired looks to help inform your wardrobe decisions for summer portraits!



Your portrait session is about you, so don’t be afraid to dress casually if you’re a jeans + tee sort of gal! For this outfit, I paired my favorite rose tee with neutral olive green shorts.

Matthews NC Portrait Photographer

To make my rose tee + olive shorts more interesting, I threw on a matching large-print floral kimono. This easy layer elevates my casual ensemble from basic to notable! I selected comfy Vans + simple jewelry to complete the look.

Matthews NC Portrait Photographer



An A-line dress is a great choice for a portrait session. The shape is figure-flattering + the full skirt provides visual interest with every movement! The textured overlay adds one more pleasing component.

Matthews NC Portrait Photographer

I styled this outfit with ballet-inspired black flats, a slim belt, and simple silver jewelry. I chose accessories with curved + tied shapes -braided belt, bow necklace, ankle-ribboned slippers- for continuity.

Matthews NC Portrait Photography



Rompers are squarely on-trend for summer, so why not wear one to your portrait session?

Matthews NC Portrait Photography

This lily-printed evergreen romper feels like a feminine sundress with its wrap-style bodice + butterfly sleeves. To accent this piece, I donned matching caramel open-toed booties + braided belt. A set of hand-made tassel earrings is the only jewelry I wore.

Matthews NC Portrait Photographer

All photography shot by me with my Canon 40D paired with my Tamron 24-70mm lens with the help of my remote shutter release.

– Liz K.

p.s. If you have fashion-related questions about your upcoming photography session, let me know! I am happy to provide outfit advice to my clients.

Matthews NC Portrait Photographer




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