Matthews, NC: One Year Later

One year ago today, Matt and I officially adopted Quorra! We had been fostering her for a few weeks and realized quickly that she was a perfect addition to our family.

Not only is she a great companion, but Quorra also makes a for a great subject for portraiture! Quorra is a willing and cooperative subject, sitting politely with a smile for photographs.

Quorra 6.2018-1

When I would like to try out a new trick or lens, Quorra remains my most available subject. She sits patiently while I play with subframing or backlighting.

Matthews, NC Photographer Charlotte, NC Photographer Photography

Matthews Portrait Photography

I love to feature delicate flowers in her photos -fresh blooms humanize her sweet face.

Matthews NC Photographer

Matthews NC Charlotte NC Photography Photographer

Additionally, I think the use of fresh blossoms in these double-exposure portraits highlights her sweet and gentle personality.

Charlotte, NC Photographer Matthews, NC Photography Photographer

Matthews, NC Photographer Charlotte, NC Photography

I’ve found that Quorra’s features lend themselves well to photographs of dramatic tone!

Matthews Portrait Photography

Quorra 1.20-3

This past year with Quorra has been a wonderful one, and I look forward to having (and photographing) her for many years to come!

Portraits taken with my Canon 5D III and my Canon 40D.

Quorra 6.2018 WEB-11

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-Elizabeth A.


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