Mooresville, NC: Remembering Sinnbad

A few weeks ago when I was visiting the Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue Foundation to take portraits of their new foster dogs, I got to meet + photograph a spunky rottweiler pup called Sinnbad.

Sinnbad WEB-19

Sinnbad had a rare + fatal condition called Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis + Polyneuropathy (JLPP). This disease is a recessive genetic disorder that can be detected with a DNA test before breeding the potential rottweiler parents. Rottweilers with JLPP suffer neurological difficulties including larynx paralysis, respiratory issues, poor vision, muscle weakness, difficulty walking, + more. Puppies with JLPP don’t usually make it to their first birthday.

Sinnbad WEB-10

Even though Sinnbad had unique challenges, he always had a good attitude. He was lively, friendly, + loved everyone he met. He spent his days happily playing with his toy collection, eating treats, and doing physical therapy with his person.

Sinnbad WEB-7

Sinnbad’s life may have only been a few months long, but he had all the love + care a dog could hope for. Through his story, many people have learned about JLPP and the importance of DNA testing before breeding. Please share this post to raise awareness about JLPP!

To make a donation in Sinnbad’s memory, please visit

Sinnbad WEB-18

-Elizabeth A.


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