3 Common Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing your small business is a critical yet daunting task. While word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to bring in new business, personal recommendations need to be supplemented. Many business owners fail to market their businesses effectively with so many marketing methods and mediums available.

To learn about common business marketing blunders, I interviewed Kayla Almon, a social media marketing manager with five years of experience in the field. With the help of her graphic design degree from Augusta Technical College, Kayla has worked with many businesses to achieve consistent brand presentation across platforms and meaningful social media engagement and growth.

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Here is Kayla’s list of three most common branding mistakes and how to avoid them!

Lack of design consistency: Many businesses put so much work into their social media platforms and website, yet fail to aim for a consistent look in their online presence. Kayla suggests using colors and font choice to achieve a uniform online appearance. In addition to appearing more professional, this purposeful consistency will help build brand recognition!

No social media strategy: Kayla likens brands using social media without a strategy to starting a business without a plan. She recommends having a written strategy with clear goals that are flexible enough to adapt to the platform and the business itself. Kayla notes that not all social media platforms are suited for every business; think about which platforms will best propel you towards your social media goals.

Fail to direct content towards ideal client: A vital part of marketing is formulating your ideal client and directing marketing efforts towards this them. Without intentionally driving content towards your ideal client, you will attract less of the customers that you want to serve! Kayla recommends first creating a detailed buyer persona for your ideal client, then building your website and creating content that is centered around this person. Your content needs to be information that your ideal client is interested in and available where they will naturally encounter and engage with it.

Kayla recommends hiring a professional photographer to photograph your products, services, and staff. Kayla says, “It’s hard to create compelling social media content and an engaging presence without good photos!” Represent your brand better by partnering with a local professional photographer to create attractive photos for your website and social media platforms.

Marketing your brand may not be easy, but with these common marketing mistakes in mind you can direct your energy more effectively, draw in business, and achieve your goals!

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If you are looking for a professional photographer to help you elevate your small business’ image, I’d love to connect! Click the link below to find out more about my brand services.

Although Kayla is not taking new clients at this time, she is always up for a brainstorming session and would be happy to answer your marketing questions! E-mail her at kaylaalmonmarketing@gmail.com.

-Elizabeth A.


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