Fall Portrait Session in Matthews, NC // Emily

Emily + I have been talking for months about doing a grunge-themed photoshoot. I deliberated in choosing the location, wanting to find a perfect scene for the session. I realized when I was out running in Matthews that the Campbell Creek Greenway overpass is a fantastic backdrop for this photoshoot concept!

Emily 10.2018 WEB-13

Emily 10.2018 WEB-25

Emily 10.2018 WEB-7

Emily 10.2018 WEB-38

I had considered bringing smoke bombs, but was concerned disobeying local laws. Emily thoughtfully brought her vape pen as an alternative solution! I loved playing with the smoke in post.

Emily 10.2018 WEB-52

Emily 10.2018 WEB-46

Emily 10.2018 WEB-57

The setting sun cast the most beautiful golden beams our way, providing the most delicious diffused lighting.

Emily 10.2018 WEB-63

Emily 10.2018 WEB-69

Emily 10.2018 WEB-65

This session was a far cry from my typical cheerful + warm portrait work. I came to the session with poses that are decidedly outside of my typical range; the subsequent editing style I employed is moodier + darker.

While I may have been out of my comfort zone, Emily was very much in hers. Throughout the themed photoshoot she expressed how genuinely herself she felt. “This session genuinely felt like opening a door that I didn’t know was even closed inside me,” She told me later, “I felt like I explored a different part of my personality that felt really genuine, extremely authentic, and absolutely me.”

Emily 10.2018 WEB-84

Emily 10.2018 WEB-83

I couldn’t resist making this cheerful image below with such a glorious sunset that night! The clouds at the bottom of the frame were not added to the image with editing software. I plan to explore in-camera sub-framing tricks + hacks in an upcoming blog post!

Emily 10.2018 WEB-85

-Elizabeth A.

Emily 10.2018 WEB-79


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