Snow Day in Matthews, NC

Once or twice a year, the residents of Charlotte, NC experience a true snow day. Due the rarity of snowfall, even flurries provide the Queen City citywide snow days!

To me, a snow day is an encouragement pause my busy schedule + be intentional about investing in my family. A cozy day at home with my loved ones is such a gift!

12.10-11 WEB-3

Snow Day Charlotte NC

Snow Day Matthews NC

 The chill in the air helps me to appreciate the pure goodness of hot drinks and flickering candles.

12.10-11 WEB-15

Snow Day Matthews NC

Coffee time is a sacred ritual in our home. A full mug of freshly-brewed quality coffee warms me to my core! Our favorite pair of mugs is this set by Black Powder Roasting Co. -they are the perfect size.

12.10-11 WEB-7

12.10-11 WEB-17

Snow Day Matthews NC

Quorra is not so fond of snow days. All day, she alternates between gazing mournfully outside + curled up on her plush bed. I make sure to comfort her with some attention!

12.10-11 WEB-33

Quorra B+W WEB-1

Snow Day Matthews NC

I’m thankful for every snow day like this!

-Elizabeth A.

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