Confetti Hearts Wall in Charlotte, NC

I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram for weeks -the perfect photo op, Evelyn Henson’s confetti hearts wall. I teamed up with Emily (my friend + model) for a photoshoot to get some Instagram-worthy shots of our own!

The confetti hearts wall was created by local artist Evelyn Henson. A strong believer in the importance of public art, she completed the 40 ft. labor of love in December 2018.

The confetti hearts wall is more than a charming background for the perfect selfie. On her blog, Evelyn Hanson explains her intention behind her mural, “While we cannot control much in the world (where we’re born, what we’re good at, or who we love), we can control how much love we give to it.” She elaborates, “Let’s give more love to our neighbors; even when it’s messy and dripping with imperfection and shortcomings. As you walk through life (and hopefully by this mural), I hope my confetti hearts serve as a visual reminder that the world is brighter when we consider, respect, and love each other.

Necklace + earring set by Dee Ruel Jewelry Design

My face may not appear on my blog often, but here I am! It’s a rarity that my DSLR is wielded by someone else, but Emily was kind enough to snap a few photos of me.

Visit the multicolored mural for yourself in Southend! The confetti hearts wall is around the corner from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Don’t forget to tag @evelyn_henson + #confettiheartswall in your photo!

Learn more about the making + meaning of the confetti hearts wall from the artist herself!

-Elizabeth A.


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