Family Portraits Matter

Every December, my mom directed my family to don on our Sunday best; she loaded us in the minivan and hauled us to a local photography studio for family portraits. The annual tradition, a ritual I initially detested but grew to enjoy as I matured, provided us with albums full of priceless images of my family collected over the years. To this day, I love pulling out the hefty books and leafing through each of their pages, watching my loved ones grow and change before my eyes.

Charlotte family portraits by Elizabeth A. Images

Having professional photos taken regularly with the ones you love most is important. Let’s talk about why the investment is well worth it!

1. Document this season of life.

I’ve heard it said that the only thing in life that is constant is change. The truth is, our lives are constantly in transition. Children are born, puppies are adopted, families move to new homes, adult children go to college, couples get married, etc. Every family facing a new and notable milestone in the near future.

Capturing your family as it is now preserves your precious memories for years to come. Having family photo shoots periodically will help you remember the goodness of each life stage before you enter the next one!

2. Have custom artwork made for your home.

I’m sure you have a plethora of photos of your loved ones on your cell phone -I do too! While these shots are definitely special, those grainy low-res cellphone photos aren’t exactly worth framing and hanging in your living room.

Family portrait sessions provide you with a gallery of artwork that is customized especially for your home! When you sip your morning cup of coffee (or tea) on the couch, the beautiful faces of your children framed on the wall will make you smile as you remember that sunlit photoshoot you enjoyed together as a family. As your children grow, your family portraits will only become more precious to you!

BONUS: You can coordinate your outfits to match the rooms you intend to hang your family portraits in! If you need any thoughts or advice, I am happy to help you with styling suggestions for your session.

Family portraits with Elizabeth A. Images

3. Invest in family heirlooms.

Have you ever thought about which sentimental items do you want to pass on to your loved ones? Will they cherish those things the way you do?

Professional family portraits are universally priceless. Your children may not want your furniture or jewelry when they move out, but they will be happy to receive framed and printed images from the fun photoshoots they remember so fondly! Digital galleries don’t take up much space, they can easily be added to a USB stick or put in hard drive folder for safekeeping. Your family portraits will be treasured by your children and enjoyed for years to come!

Your family is worth documenting and celebrating with a family portrait session. Taking the time and making the investment in quality family photos is not something you will ever regret!

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-Elizabeth A.


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