Your Personal Brand Matters

The person you are is a unique collection of your experiences, skills, and personality. Building your personal brand is the way to market yourself effectively to reach both your personal and career goals.

Personal branding isn’t just for small business owners anymore! This is the digital era; you give off an impression online, whether that image is curated or not. Marketing yourself with intention will help you gain respect in your industry, network more effectively, and make career transitions smoothly.

brand photography by Elizabeth A. Images, Charlotte brand photographer

Having a strong personal brand helps quickly establish a professional image to anyone who Googles your name. You have the power to make a positive impression on potential employers, clients, or industry peers when they look you up.

The foundation of any personal brand is professional photography. There’s a big difference between a selfie and a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile!

Personal brand imagery is created intentionally to strengthen and enhance your brand to enable you reach your career goals. Investing in professional images demonstrates that you (as a person and brand) are also worth investing in! Personal brand photos can be easily used across social media platforms, company websites, resumes, print advertising, and more to create a professional and consistent appearance.

I created a collection of brand images for Matthew K., a software engineer. He only needs a few items to do his job well: his laptop, his glasses, and freshly-brewed coffee.

These images can be easily uploaded to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. -anywhere that Matthew K. has an online presence. Plus, he can use his favorite headshot on his resume!

Is your personal brand in need of an upgrade? If so, click here.

-Elizabeth A.


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