Twenty Seven

Tomorrow, April 27, 2019, I turn twenty seven years old. I’m not entirely sure how my “golden year” has come so quickly, but suddenly here it is!

twenty seven by Elizabeth A. Images

Growing up, I imagined that at twenty seven, I’d really have it together; I’d be secure in my identity and well into my career. Those may have been idealistic daydreams, but I do feel like my most authentic self and that I’ve found the right occupation for me!

twenty seven by Elizabeth A. Images

Self-acceptance is a long and challenging journey for everyone, myself included. It is hard to feel at home in your own body in an image-obsessed world! Over the last year, I’ve made some changes that helped me feel more like myself; I got a pixie haircut, had my nose pierced, and got my fox tattoo.While these three changes may not seem significant, they are vital to being the most authentic, uncensored version of myself. I am the most confident, genuine, and comfortable me that I have ever been!

If you know me at all, you know I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve been a barista, a retail worker, a nanny, and a dental assistant …just to name just a few of my many jobs! I’ve been shooting photos since middle school, and I’ve never wanted to stop -no matter what my day job was at the time. No other occupation has provided the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that photography brings me.

twenty seven by Elizabeth A. Images
twenty seven by Elizabeth A. Images

Every season of life brings new adventures. I’m so excited to experience all the surprises and goodness that year twenty seven brings my way!

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(Note the significant changes in my appearance AND the upgraded photo quality!!)

-Elizabeth A.


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