Quorra is Four // Pet Photography

Next Monday (6.24.19) is the second anniversary of Quorra’s adoption. We opted to celebrate Quorra’s birthday on her adoption anniversary; it’s as good a day as any to celebrate our girl to the max! Based on our veterinarian’s best guess, Quorra is four(ish)!

Quorra is four. Pet photography by Elizabeth A. Images

Floral crown by Vintage Soul Floral Design

Quorra (also known as “Stubtail Doggins,” “Dogsley,” and “Wigglemutt,” as well as many, many more endearing nicknames) is a loving, obedient doggo that wants to spend her life cuddling, eating snacks, and going on short walks (so relatable). She spends her days lounging and sunbathing on her memory-foam bed.

Bow collars by Moñote Big Bows

Pet photography by Elizabeth A. Images

Quorra began her modeling career in early 2019 by donning colorful dog accessories by small business Moñote Big Bows. Happy to receive attention and praise, she sits and grins contentedly for my lens!

Quorra is four.Pet photography by Elizabeth A. Images
Pet photography by Elizabeth A. Images

I’m so thankful that my husband and I added Quorra to our family two years ago. She brings so much joy to our home!

Pet photography by Elizabeth A. Images

Our plans for her birthday include taking a trip to the pet store so Quorra can pick out the goodies that bring her the most joy. I’m so excited to spoil her for the whole day!

-Elizabeth A.

Are you looking to add a furry friend to your family? If so, please consider working with the Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue Foundation in Mooresville, NC.


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