Product Photography Matters // 3 Reasons to Upgrade

For sellers in an online world, quickly creating a remarkable impression is the difference between your customer clicking “add to cart” or Googling your competitor. Professional images of your products can help boost sales and elevate your business as a whole, while poor quality imagery has the potential to end interactions and injure your reputation. Product photography matters.

Elevate Brand Image
One of the best ways to present your brand well is with professional imagery. When you invest in product photography, you demonstrate to your audience that your goods are worth investing in. Your entire business looks and feels more sophisticated when your listings make a strong and positive impact at first sight!

Boost Credibility
When a brand looks consistent and professional across its platforms, this cultivates trust with customers and customers-to-be. Be honest, if you go to a website and the images are pixelated and grammar is poor, would you keep browsing it or visit a competitor’s website instead? Poor presentation tends to be associated with poor quality goods and services. Being intentional with branding lends credibility and a sense of professionalism to your small business.

Reach High-end Customers
High-quality product photos attract higher-end clientele. Designer brands like Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, and Tiffany’s charge premium pricing and their loyal customer base keeps coming back for more. How did those businesses build such a dedicated following? They marketed their brand well and presented their products as investment pieces.

Product photography matters because it represents the quality of the brand. You may have fabulous goods, but your target audience may be unaware without adequate visual representation. My goal is to communicate the excellence of their products through each one of my images for every brand I partner with!

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-Elizabeth A.

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