Create a Buzz // 4 Ways to Upgrade your Instagram

Instagram can be an effective tool for making connections, finding opportunities, and reaching your target audience. However, it can be hard to reach your account’s full potential without a practical strategy! For the month of September, I’ll be showing you 4 ways you can upgrade your Instagram. This week, let’s talk about how to create a buzz around your brand with your captions.

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In my opinion, Instagram captions are a tool to build a buzzing community around your brand. With every post, you can teach your audience about your brand, invite engagement, and encourage action.

Think of the text box below your image as a mini blog. Take the opportunity to share yourself; trust me, your Instagram audience is interested in the person behind the brand! It may feel strange at first, but a touch of vulnerability on your part encourages connection and sharing all around. Take the time to share your stories and perspective in a conversational tone.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t post a quote or cliche phrase as a caption! This method of caption-writing is so overused and can make you seem apathetic and distant in regards to your audience. Not only will this make some of your followers roll their eyes, but it doesn’t help you connect with your audience at all. Quotes and cliches don’t invoke any kind of follower engagement. …what are you supposed to say in response to a quote anyway?

Stick to the 80/20 rule -entertain 80% of the time, sell 20% of the time. Take time to create enjoyable content for your audience that doesn’t ask for anything other than engagement in return. Even when you are writing a sales pitch of sorts for that 20%, keep it light and try to make it entertaining somehow. No one really enjoys being sold to!

See the example below of a sales pitch I posted. This one was received well and got a lot of engagement!

Take the time to create a buzz around your brand by utilizing your Instagram captions to their full potential. You could go through the motions, OR you could have your brand at center of a community that you built -it’s up to you!

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-Elizabeth A.

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