Pet Brand Photography // Good Wolf Design Co.

In November, I worked with Good Wolf Design Co. to create a gallery of pet brand photography highlighting their collar and leash sets. My rottweiler, Quorra, is my on-call model for pet brand projects like this one!

Good Wolf Design Co. provides durable leashes and collars in a variety of colors to suit every taste. Each item is vegan, stink-proof, easy to clean, and made to last for years of use! I chose the leash and collar set in merlot for my rottie to model.

Working with animals often doesn’t go according to plan. I worked with Quorra in 15 minute segments over three evenings to get these modeled product shots. While she is very obedient, she didn’t feel like smiling the first two times I worked with her. She instead gave me stony looks like the ones below.

Quorra models the Good Wolf collar in

No matter, I used the opportunity to get some modeled product shots from behind -no smile required!

Quorra looks to the right of the frame while modeling the collar in merlot. Pet Brand Photography by Elizabeth A. Images

On the third night/attempt, I was finally able to coax some winning smiles from my rottweiler. I walked her right before shooting to get some natural, post-walk grins!

Quorra smiles to the right of the frame. Pet Brand Photography by Elizabeth A. Images

Patience is the greatest asset a photographer can have when working with animal models! Animals don’t understand what you want; love on them, give them treats, and be realistic when it comes to your expectations of their behavior. Sometimes it’s just not the right day!

Quorra the rottweiler looks with interest to the left of frame. Pet Brand Photography by Elizabeth A. Images

You can purchase durable dog accessories from Good Wolf Design Co. here.
Check out my pet brand photography and more on the company’s IG here.

Collar by Good Wolf Design Co. Pet Brand Photography by Elizabeth A. Images

If you are interested in a pet brand photography session for your canine accessory company, Quorra is available to model your pet products! Click here for more information about my product photography services.

Did you know I offer pet portrait sessions upon request? Click here and fill out the form for a quote.

-Elizabeth A.


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