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During the last few months, I’ve been working with Kristina Kay to create a beautiful and versatile set of personal branding imagery for her photography business, Lake Norman Boudoir.

Kristina’s love affair with photography began at 13 years old; she began working in the field as an assistant at 15. In 2019, she launched her boudoir-focused fine art intimate portraiture brand, Lake Norman Boudoir.

Kristina’s flavor of boudoir isn’t “sexy pics” for male consumption; her work serves a much greater purpose. To her, intimate portraiture is about serving and honoring the “everyday woman” -helping her to feel celebrated just as she is.

This “for the woman” approach to boudoir is noteworthy. Traditionally, boudoir portraiture has been created as gifts for significant others rather than a carefully crafted experience for the subject of the photos. “I like [clients] to know that this time is about them and for them. They get to be selfish!” Kristina says.

There is cultural value in empowered boudoir that celebrates the everyday woman as a multi-faceted being rather than objectifying her. In a toxic culture that crudely dissects women into parts to be rated and critiqued, Kristina Kay uses her voice to uplift and encourage the women she works with. “I’m a micro-social justice warrior!” Kristina laughs.

“I approach boudoir with empathy and the sole intent to serve women and make them feel at home in their bodies -celebrated, instead of commoditized. Your body is not a commodity, it’s a vessel. It should be revered and celebrated; it should not be for consumption.”
-Kristina Kay

creative headshot for Lake Norman Boudoir by Elizabeth A. Images

In the spirit of community over competition, Kristina started hosting boudoir meetups for professional boudoir photographers in the Charlotte, NC area. I captured the images below during the September meetup, which included a topical discussion and an indoor shoot with model Paris Loran.

Kristina has big growth plans for Lake Norman Boudoir. The grand opening for the new Lake Norman Boudoir studio space in downtown Mooresville is January 2020! She has plans to hire an associate photographer and a full-time hair and makeup artist.

With her ambitions for expansion, Kristina’s cause remains the same. “I want to be able to continue to serve the everyday woman.” She says, “I want to help educate other photogs about how to create a more empathetic industry towards women. I find fulfillment in trying to create a safer, healthier, and more loving space for women.”

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Kristina hosts “The Boudoir Podcast,” a weekly podcast that explores the photography industry and boudoir-related issues. Get notified when new episodes go live by following the IG account here. Also, I am a featured guest on an upcoming episode -stay tuned for that!

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-Elizabeth A.


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