Moody Portrait Session // Golden Wilderness

Fall is such a busy season for photographers. As soon as October began, I realized sadly that I didn’t have time to arrange a spooky season shoot amidst all my client projects! Imagine my elation when an Instagram follower, Rachel, contacted me with a request for a moody portrait session that perfectly fits the busiest, spookiest season!

Rachel looks directly at the viewer. Moody portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images

Rachel’s vision for the conceptual session included a remote woodsy location and a dramatic, editorial, and vampy feel. Her bold black gown was the perfect outfit choice for her unique photography session idea!

On a bright October evening, we began the moody portrait session at the height of golden hour. We worked and explored the remote location as the warm light faded gently into blue hour.

Rachel strikes a dramatic pose. Moody portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images

For the image below on the right side, I used a fun (and maybe a bit unusual) trick! I held a piece of copper pipe up to my 50mm lens and shot through it. The reflected light encircles Rachel like a bright frame and adds visual interest to the already dramatic image.

Rachel gazes at something outside of the frame and touches her face. Moody portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images

These clear and bright skies during a lovely golden hour are perfect for creating some backlit magic with my camera and lens! The world feels like one big creative playground to me during dusk.

Rachel stares at the viewer from a distance. Moody portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images

Unusual client requests like Rachel’s project are such a delight to receive. I love opportunities to flex my creativity (and maybe channel my inner scene kid) like this one!

During a delicious moment of blue hour, Rachel closes her eyes and poses for a close-up. moody portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images
During the last few moments of sunlight -known as blue hour, Rachel strikes a dramatic pose for the camera. moody portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images

Do you have an out-of-the-box concept for a portrait session? If so, I would really love to hear all about it! Your unique vision is something that we can bring to life and capture in-camera this year. Click here to learn more about my individual portrait sessions:

Next week, I’ll feature another portrait session with a unique spin from late last year.

-Elizabeth A.


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