Birthday Portrait Session // Mia is 21

Have you ever commemorated a milestone year with a birthday portrait session? If not, why not?!

I think it’s important that we celebrate the accomplishments that dot our adulthood. The years stretch out before us, full of monotony and thankless tasks. Amidst the ordinary days are those little wins that make life sweet -goals met and personal growth achieved. Those adulthood milestones, whatever they look like in your life, are worthy of documenting.

Mia holds up number balloons during her birthday portrait session. image by Elizabeth A. Images

Mia opted to celebrate her 21 years of being alive by treating herself to a golden hour portrait photo shoot with me! We met bright and early in a Lake Norman area park on a crisp November morning to create this set of feel-good images.

Mia poses on a dock in the soft sunlight during her birthday portrait session. image by Elizabeth A. Images
In this black and white close-up image, Mia grins straight at the viewer. birthday portrait session by Elizabeth A. Images

Mia is a vibrant, fun lady that is always on the move! This busy bee spends most of her time outside of her day job working with her own photography clients.

Mia dances on a dock in Lake Norman during her photoshoot. image by Elizabeth A. Images

I just couldn’t get over how beautifully these trees diffused the bright, golden morning sunlight! Mia told me as we worked in this spot, “This is some real Liz light.” She’s not wrong! This is one of the lighting situations I hunt for.

Mia poses and grins during her photoshoot, one hand on her hip and the other thrown over her head. image by Elizabeth A. Images

The dark green dress Mia purchased for her session was the perfect choice. The color is flattering to her skin tone, the ruffle hem and criss-cross back detail are visually interesting, and nothing about the dress detracts from the primary focal point -Mia’s lovely face!

I’ve photographed Mia quite a few times over the last year. Out of all the portraits I have made of her, the image below is my very favorite!

Mia laughs at something out of frame. Elizabeth A. Images CLT portrait photographer

Is your next birthday a notable one? Why not make it note-worthy by celebrating yourself with a birthday portrait session! Click here to learn more about booking a themed portrait session with me:

-Elizabeth A.


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