Your Most Successful Personal Brand Photoshoot in 4 Steps

Does preparing for a personal brand session seems like a daunting task? Hey, that’s ok! That’s why I created this post about how to prepare for your most successful personal brand photo shoot ever in just 4 steps …just keep scrolling!

Get Inspired.
To help you narrow down what images you want for your shoot, create a vision board. You could handmake a collage with magazine clippings and glue or throw together a Pinterest board -whichever setting inspires creativity in you! Start with your brand’s color story and logo to set the tone. Collect personal brand images that you could see being useful for marketing your brand (headshots, workspace images, in-action photos, etc.) and find your preferred aesthetic.

Reach your Ideal Client.
Who is your ideal client, anyway? Your personal brand images should be created not just to match your brand, but to attract that specific person. Get to know your ideal client; write out who they are, what they do, and what they like. Next, determine what kind of images they will connect with. What kind of aesthetic will he or she respond to …polished or down-to earth outfits? Vibrant colors or muted tones? Minimal or busy setups?

It’s All in the Details.
When selecting your wardrobe for your personal brand session, embrace your brand’s vibe and include details with intention. Choose your outfit carefully with your ideal client and vision board in mind, then add details that nod to your brand’s color story, logo, and brand elements. For example, if your logo includes a flower, you could wear a scarf or carry handbag with a similar floral print. What tools (and snacks!) do you need to do your job? Include them, especially if they match your brand vibe!

Shoot Your Shot.
Once you have your vision board created, ideal client envisioned, and details chosen, it’s time to make that shot list! Have a plan for each of the images on your list. Each image should have at least one specific destination, whether it be your website, a social media account, or in print. Ideally, the image set will be versatile and have lasting value for your brand.

All this may seem like a lot, but I am so excited to help you! I walk each of my personal branding clients through this process with the help of my exclusive personal branding guide e-book and worksheet. I’ll help you plan the perfect shot list image by image at your complimentary consultation before your photo shoot!

Your brand doesn’t have to be lackluster or look like anyone else’s; your personal brand should be unique and authentically yours. I want you to have the successful personal brand you’ve always wanted … and it’s within your reach! If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your brand, click here.

Let’s make it happen!

The personal branding images featured in this post were created for interior design company Sisu Home Designs. Click here to check out their website!

-Elizabeth A.


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