How to Use Personal Brand Images

Hello, friends! Let’s have a chat why good branding matters and how to use personal brand images to get you there.

Branding is more than a logo -it’s the synthesis of color, fonts, writer’s voice, and imagery. Good branding positively impacts every space where the business (and person behind it) is present!

Personal branding images are a vital part of good branding -they are the key to authentic content creation. People are interested in other people, not businesses on their own. You can use your brand photos to become a familiar, trusted face with your audience and to create a meaningful brand experience.

Scroll down for my comprehensive list of how to use your personal branding images TODAY (plus, there’s a freebie!).

How to Use Personal Brand Images by Elizabeth A. Images LLC

The Big PB List

  • Instagram
    This platform is the easiest place to curate a distinct brand voice. Create a consistent feed that draws your audience in by keeping your face and your brand colors in your first nine. I have a whole blog series about using IG to elevate your brand …click here!
  • Facebook
    Personal brand images aren’t just for your biz page -you are your business! Keep your personal page a professional makeover so it can passively advertise for your brand. Your profile photo, cover photo, and featured photos are all prime spots for personal branding images.
  • LinkedIn
    Professional headshots show you know your stuff. The visual credibility makes you a more likely candidate for the work you want.
  • Graphics
    You can demonstrate value with graphics and personalize them with custom imagery. I like to use Canva for promotional materials!
  • Website
    I don’t just mean your bio! Show your face on your home page, landing pages, blog posts, and above contact forms. Visitors shouldn’t have to click around to find you!
  • Business cards
    Share your work space, your smiling face, or both! I’d recommend including only one photo per side of the card at most -cluttered doesn’t look professional.
  • Pinterest
    Though often overlooked, this platform is an effective way to expand your reach and drive traffic to your website. Create pin covers in Canva and link to blog posts and freebies.
  • Google Business Page
    Did you know you can upload more than a profile pic? Convert visitors to clients by showing who you are and what you do in the photo tab!
  • E-mail newsletters
    Serve your email list by keeping them in the know and gifting exclusive branded goodies! Your branding images can be plugged into covers, used to break up text, and added to free downloads.
  • Digital courses & E-books
    People who buy digital materials like these have bought into you, not just the information you provide. Be sure to include your voice and face in your digital materials.

The goal is to create an easily-recognizable brand voice and consistent brand experience for your audience.

As a thank you for visiting my blog, here’s your freebie! Click below to get the Where to Use Personal Brand Images download.

How to Use Personal Brand Images by Elizabeth A Images LLC

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-Elizabeth A.


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