Toasted // Brand Imagery Collection

This month, I had the pleasure of partnering with bath and beauty brand Toasted. I worked with a selection of their gorgeous bespoke products to create a set of versatile imagery matched to the established brand.

Live Toasted images by Elizabeth A Images LLC

It was so exciting to receive a box full of artisan soaps and beauty products in the mail! Upon opening the box, I was struck by the array of scents, none of which are commonplace or overdone.

Live Toasted brand images by Elizabeth A Images LLC
Live Toasted product photo by Elizabeth A Images LLC Charlotte photographer
Live Toasted product photography by Elizabeth A Images

Something noteworthy about the soaps is the attention given to detail. I love how “Toasted” is carved into each bar and some of the bars feature lettering brushed with shimmering gold.

Live Toasted brand imagery by Elizabeth A Images LCC

Many of the artisanal soaps have natural edges decorated with pretty details like dried petals or pink salt.

Live Toasted brand photo by Elizabeth A Images
soap photo by brand photographer Elizabeth A Images LLC

The minimal, clean packaging on the Toasted beauty and bath products translates beautifully into photographs. I kept my color palette limited and my arrangements uncomplicated when creating my setups to fit the branding.

Product images for Toasted by Elizabeth A Images

The luxurious body butter, pictured below, is my favorite product from the collection. The scent, called “pink lady,” is complex and deep. I like to smooth it over my wrists and wear it like a perfume.

product photography for Live Toasted by Charlotte Brand Photographer Elizabeth A Images
brand imagery for Live Toasted by Elizabeth A Images LLC

I really enjoyed working with this beautiful set of products and I’m proud of the image collection I created. These photos are perfect for any online platform the company uses, and they would look good framed too!

To browse all the handmade bath and body products that Toasted has to offer, click here!

Bath salt photo by Elizabeth A Images LLC

Are you ready to showcase your products with beautiful brand images customized to fit your business? If so, click here.

-Elizabeth A.


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