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This month, I’m exploring branding basics here on the blog. I created this series to help fellow entrepreneurs who have just started a business or are gearing up to do so. This week, let’s talk about your brand story.

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Your brand story is at the core of your business. What is it that drives you to keep creating and pushing forward, even when it’s really tough? Whose life are you trying to positively impact by pouring your energy into your work? The answer to these questions is your brand story, the heart of your brand!

What is your mission statement?

If you are in business solely to make money, stop right here! Re-evaluate your reasons for starting a company. Monetary gain alone isn’t a good reason to launch a small business.

What is your “why?” Reflect on the reasons you do what you do. Why are you passionate about this venture? Why is your work worthwhile? Why is it vital to your life and other’s lives?

Your “why” is your mission statement!

Who are you trying to help?

The people you aim to connect with and whose lives you would like to improve are your ideal clients. Take some time to think about exactly who these people are by creating a buyer persona -a specific, hypothetical person. What is his/her name? What are is he/she passionate about? What is his/her job and hobbies?

If you are feeling stuck, Pinterest is a great place to start! Create a new board and fill it the things that you like and that your ideal client would be drawn to -colors, fonts, shapes, elements (plants, animals, etc.). Moving forward, these things should inform your branding choices.

The goal in creating a detailed buyer persona is to attract the people you want to work with.

What is your unicorn?

What is unique about your goods/services that prompts people to choose you over your competitors? Sure, there are other people who are in your industry who do something similar, but something about your business is one-of-a-kind. That special thing is your unicorn!

Once you pinpoint your unicorn, how can you make it even better? Find a way to keep your clients excited to stay connected with you. Things like referral programs, exclusive content, special discounts, and freebies can be a way to build trust and loyalty with your clients.

Your unicorn is the reason your clients choose you and keep coming back!

Your brand story is the heart of your business. As you decide how to present your brand to the world, make choices that communicate your brand story clearly. If you share your story effectively, you’ll draw in people that relate to your “why!”

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your brand story by Elizabeth A Images, Charlotte brand photography

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-Elizabeth A.


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