Your Brand Identity // Branding Basics

This month, I’m exploring branding basics here on the blog. I created this series to help fellow entrepreneurs who have just started a business or are gearing up to do so. This week, let’s talk about your brand identity.

Branding Basics is a 4-part series that builds on itself. If you haven’t read part one of the series, “Your Brand Story,” I encourage you to start here.

Your Brand Identity // Branding Basics series by Elizabeth A Images LLC

Your brand identity is made up of visual cues that prompts an emotional response in your audience. It’s your job to thoughtfully craft a consistent experience for each person that encounters your brand.


Remember that mission statement you wrote and Pinterest mood board you made (click here if you’re not sure what I’m talking about)? Lay those out in front of you, then write down some descriptive words that capture your brand story.

Below are the adjectives I chose to describe Elizabeth A. Images!

Color Palette

The colors you choose for your brand evokes a particular response. Click here to learn some color theory basics. First, decide what kind of vibe you want your audience to get when they encounter your brand. For instance, if your brand is fun and upbeat, pair 2-3 punchy colors with 1-2 neutral colors. If you want a serene experience for your audience, you could select soft blues or lilacs along with a few neutral tones.

Once you have some colors picked out, choose some to be your primary colors; these will be most strongly associated with your brand. The remaining colors are your brand’s secondary colors.

For example, here is the color palette for my brand!

Brand Identity -my brand colors


Your font choice, like your color palette, sets the tone for your audience experience. Fonts communicate in a snap if a brand is modern or dated, and if the brand experience is high-end or budget-conscious.

Think of a few brands that are targeting the same market and note the fonts they use in their logos and on their websites. How many fonts are they utilizing? Are the fonts footed or non-footed? If they are using scripts, are they calligraphy style or more down-to-earth?

This is a great time in the process to consult a graphic designer! He/she can help you choose font options for your logo and brand elements that will serve your brand well.

I worked with a graphic designer to design my logo and alternate logo (below). The handwritten script font for “Elizabeth A.” and “EA” is approachable and fun. The script is balanced by the clean, modern, non-footed font used for “images.”


Add these new elements and ideas (adjectives, color palette, fonts) to your Pinterest mood board. The collection you have compiled is valuable reference material for marketing your brand! If you choose to work with a graphic designer, brand photographer, or other marketing professionals, be sure to send them a link.

Now that you have collected these pieces of your brand identity, apply them to each place your brand is present. Update the colors, fonts, and photos to match experience you want to provide for your audience and attract your ideal client. Consistency is key to a positive brand experience!

In part three of Branding Basics, I cover brand strategy. Click here to learn how to build one!

Your Brand Identity // Branding Basics with Elizabeth A Images, Charlotte brand photographer

If you are interested in learning about my personal branding services and how I can help you on your branding journey, click here.

-Elizabeth A.


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