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This month, I’m exploring branding basics here on the blog. I created this series to help fellow entrepreneurs who have just started a business or are gearing up to do so. This week, let’s talk about your brand investment.

Branding Basics is a 4-part series that builds on itself. If you haven’t read the first three installments of this series, catch up and come back!

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Branding Basics, Your Brand Investment by Elizabeth A Images LLC

At the core of your brand is a passionately-held dream. That beloved dream deserves to be showcased with attractive, professional branding to honor the energy and creativity you have invested in it! Beautiful branding only happens when you invest your money and energy intentionally, and I recommend that you invest both!

Invest in branding professionals.

Small business owners wear a lot of hats …often too many! Outsourcing parts of the branding process to industry professionals helps you get back to doing what you love. As your biz grows, consider hiring a graphic designer, branding photographer, virtual assistant, web designer or a marketing strategist. These specialists can help your brand-building efforts be significantly more effective!

Vet your people carefully, and choose candidates based on portfolio, brand presence, and communication. If you prioritize budget as you shop, you may end up with poor results and having to re-invest financially with someone more qualified for the task.

Invest in your brand presence.

Put your writing cap on and invest in crafting an appealing writer’s voice. You can create a community around your brand within your audience; all you have to do is be intentional as you write! Spark conversation and engage genuinely on your social platforms. Don’t hold back -let your enthusiasm for your mission shine through every time you present and idea to your audience.

I think it’s best to avoid being “too professional.” Formal, stiff language can turn people off, making them disinterested in anything you have to say. Try being friendly, and writing like you are talking to a good friend.

Of course, finding that sweet spot between professional and completely casual can take some trial and error (it did for me!), so be gentle with yourself. Getting comfortable with that balance may take some time!

Let’s be real, you’re already doing the most when it comes to your business. You don’t have to be a marketing expert on top of everything else! Start thinking about what aspects would be best to outsource to other professionals. With those items off your plate, you’ll have more time to invest yourself in the elements you are comfortable handling on your own.

Here are two ways to invest in your brand right now!

a) Use Instagram to connect with brand professionals you may later add to your team. Even if you don’t have the budget to hire someone to help you this second, you can take a casual approach to the vetting process by browsing and connecting organically. I’ve found Instagram to be the best platform to find and befriend local professionals!

b) Don’t use quotes or cliches for captions on your biz socials. Using someone else’s thoughts is the opposite of sharing your uniqueness, plus it’s pretty boring for your audience. Share your thoughts and stories, not copy-and-pasted, unoriginal text. Invest in your audience by sharing yourself!

your brand investment

Your Brand Investment by Elizabeth A Images LLC

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-Elizabeth A.


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