Styled Maternity Shoot x Kristina Kay

A few days after Christmas, I drove up to the Lake Norman Boudoir studio in Downtown Mooresville and held a styled maternity shoot for my dear friend, Kristina Kay. Kristina is due with a little girl in March 2021, and I had an out-of-the-box concept for her maternity photos that I knew she would love!

My idea for this styled maternity shoot was centered on intentionally juxaposing “opposite” textures -crushed velvet with acrylic, cold metal with warm wool yarn, soft flower petals with hard glass, lush greenery with dry wicker, etc. These contrasting textures pair for a cohesive, visually interesting set design.

The concept was inspired by Kristina herself. Kristina is sharp as a tack, yet also an empathetic friend. She is alight with fiery passion and also a gentle, nurturing presence. She’s beautifully complex!

styled maternity shoot by Elizabeth A Images

I designed and created the wall hanging myself! I spent a few enjoyable hours braiding, knotting, and tying yarn together. I even dried the eucalyptus, added on-site, just for this project.

styled maternity shoot by Elizabeth A Images

I edited these images especially to appeal to Kristina’s taste. Because her photography is warm, moody, and high-contrast, I leaned into these editing elements when I processed the images.

styled maternity shoot by Elizabeth A Images

Kristina did her hair and makeup herself -didn’t she do a wonderful job?

styled maternity shoot by Elizabeth A Images

I created a second setup in the studio hallway, drawn to the bright, diffused afternoon light streaming in from the large windows.

styled maternity shoot by Elizabeth A Images

While I usually include a long list of creative collaborators for styled shoots, I wanted to be the primary contributor for this styled maternity shoot. This photo shoot was a gift for my friend, so it was important to me that my primary focus be treating her rather than creating marketing imagery for participating vendors.

Vendor List:
Photography/Set Design/Concept: Elizabeth A Images LLC
Model/HMUA: Kristina Kay (Lake Norman Boudoir)
Venue: Lake Norman Boudoir Studio
Necklace & Earrings: Chelsea Leigh Jewelry
Dress: Mr. PrettySkirt

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-Elizabeth A.


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