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This summer I had the opportunity to partner with local Charlotte jewelry brand, Janet Lasher Jewelry, to create a versatile and clean modeled product photography gallery.

Janet Lasher Jewelry is a local Charlotte, NC small business. The brand’s goal is to create and provide bold, eye-catching, and modern pieces that integrate seamlessly into womens’ everyday lives.

The brand’s color palette has several shades of teal and turquoise in it. I intentionally chose a location that includes large teal planters (in the images above) and styled Kaela with a teal purse from my personal collection (below.

Early on a summer Sunday morning, Kaela, local Charlotte model, and I met up by the Little Sugar Creek Greenway just outside of uptown. We shot this small selection of pieces in a few choice locations along the greenway under wonderfully overcast skies.
Overcast weather provides my favorite type of lighting (by far)! With the sky acting as a giant softbox, my subjects are bathed is soft, diffused light that translates to perfect skin tones in-camera. I am always overjoyed when the weather happens to be as perfect as it was this day!

Janet Lasher Jewelry product photography by Elizabeth A Images LLC

This fountain right outside of the Metropolitan Shopping Center has recently become one of my favorite shooting spots! It is interesting without being visually overwhelming, and the edge of the fountain is a natural place to pose a subject. I think the beige stonework is lovely! You are likely to see this spot again in several upcoming projects.

Janet Lasher Jewelry product photography by Elizabeth A Images LLC
Janet Lasher Jewelry product photography by Elizabeth A Images LLC

We finished our photo shoot just before a rain storm blew in! Thank goodness the photo shoot went without a hitch. Having Kaela on my team for this project was certainly a wise decision!

To learn more about booking a product photography photo shoot for your small business, click here.

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-Elizabeth A.


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