In late 2021, I had the opportunity to work with Glotanicals, a sustainable skincare brand, for a second time!

glotanicals styled product photography by Charlotte brand photographer Elizabeth A Images

Kat, the owner of the Glotanicals company, requested images that highlight the skincare brand’s unique plantable packaging. Together we designed a few setups to convey this concept at a glance!

The triptych of images below shows how to use the packaging in a simple three step process.
My husband helped me capture the middle image; his fingers are visible as he holds the watering can!

I styled and photographed the packaging from every angle. I even buried the box in dirt!

Kat sent me a list of the flowers that will bloom from the plantable packaging, one of which is snapdragons. I was able to source some gorgeous peachy-toned snap dragons for the shoot. Because sunflowers are the official Glotanicals brand flower, I included some of these as well.

In addition to specific flowers, I used a number of my own houseplants and props from my collection in the setups. The sage green and blush pink trays are new additions to my prop closet that happened to be a perfect brand color palette match!

Kat also asked that I incorporate shadow play into the images -a request I am always more than happy to accommodate! Shadow play is a fantastic way to add visual interest and a bold feel to otherwise simple compositions.

glotanicals styled product photography by Charlotte brand photographer Elizabeth A Images

I was so thankful for the opportunity to work with this amazing brand again! This company is a joy to work with, and I can tell you from personal experience that the facial oil is absolutely amazing. I’ve been using the Glo facial oil for months and it’s my favorite oil I’ve ever used!

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To check out the Glotanicals website and order some facial oil for yourself or a friend, click here.

-Elizabeth A.


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