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Right before the end of 2021, I had the lovely opportunity to work with abstract artist Mary Claire Tillotson of MC Tillotson Studio.

MC Tillotson Studio abstract art pieces are largely inspired by nature and are meant to evoke feelings of connection and warm, pleasant nostalgia in viewers.

Our first shoot location was the scenic area outside of Merino Mills in Mooresville, NC. The Mills grounds are very green year-round thanks to the pine grove on the left side and hundreds of potted trees dotting the property.

MC Tillotson Studio brand photos by Elizabeth A Images

We used the magical little pine grove on the property to shoot some delightful headshots! A live greenery background is always a good choice for headshots because adds an inviting, optimistic, and fresh feel.

In the image below, I held a prism in front of my lens to get the magical rainbow effect on the left side in-camera. I like to use in-camera reflection tricks in my work whenever it fits the concept!

MC Tillotson Studio brand photos by Elizabeth A Images

Our second shoot location was the beautiful Lake Norman Boudoir Photography studio in downtown Mooresville, owned by my friend Kristina Kay. We hauled a collection of props and paintings up the grand stairs and created a number of pretty sets.

The studio was flooded with gorgeous natural light in the late morning, which was perfect for our vision for the session! We intentionally included lots of greenery and organic textures in the setups to point at Mary’s primary source of inspiration -nature.

MC Tillotson Studio brand photos by Elizabeth A Images

It was such a pleasure to work with this talented local artist! Together we created a set of warm and inviting personal brand images that she can use for her website, social media, and print materials.

To explore the MC Tillotson Studio website and browse the current offerings, click here!

MC Tillotson Studio brand photos by Elizabeth A Images

To learn more about scheduling a personal branding photography session of your own, click here!

-Elizabeth A.


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