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One bright and clear morning in July, I met with Amy Ledyard of Amy Ledyard photography on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Together we created a fresh set of brand imagery for her photography brand.

The Little Sugar Creek Greenway is one of my favorite photo shoot locations in the Charlotte area. The greenway features a wide array of photogenic spots resulting in a delicious blend of curated nature, classic aesthetic, and romanticized city life.

Amy Ledyard is an experienced wedding photographer who serves the Charlotte, NC area. Her work is timeless, joyful, and bright! She tailors her client experience to fit each couple she works with by prioritizing the imagery that they value most.

Amy Ledyard Photography personal brand photography by Elizabeth A Images

We began our shoot at Pearl Street Park as the sun began to climb into the sky. I love to stage minimal workspace scenes with my clients beside the arbor! All the warm, beige stonework serves as a fantastic backdrop for this type of brand imagery.

At her branding consult a few weeks prior, we came up with a list of props to communicate at-a-glance who she is and what she does. The camera is the most obvious choice, of course! We selected workspace items that fit her brand identity and color palette.

Amy is excellent at curating beautiful flatlays for her couples, using items like wedding invitations, flowers, and wedding rings. She totes her flatlay kit to events so she can style the pretty little scenes on-site.

Amy Ledyard Photography personal brand photography by Elizabeth A Images

We created some behind-the-scenes imagery of her flatlay curation process! These image serve as an organic prompt for Amy to share about this aspect of her work.

Amy Ledyard Photography personal brand photography by Elizabeth A Images

After a quick outfit change, we moved snapped a few last photos at Pearl Street Park before moving on to the next location.

We walked down the Little Sugar Creek Greenway towards Elizabeth Park, hunting for the best light. The greenway is full of photogenic spots, but I only utilize the ones with the best light at that specific time!

We ended our shoot at beautiful Elizabeth Park. We timed the shoot just right, ending it as the summer day was just starting to get hot and humid!

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