Southend Headshot Session // Andy K, Software Engineer

This summer, I worked with Andy K, a local software engineer, to create a gallery of fresh headshots and brand imagery with a Southend headshot session.

Andy K is a senior software engineer based in Charlotte, NC with a passion for learning and building. He prides himself in his breadth of knowledge, being detail-oriented, and consistent delivery of quality code.

I soon found that Andy had a clear picture of his desired brand identity. His brand adjectives are quality, authentic, and cutting edge. When someone encounters his personal brand, he wants to communicate that he is no-nonsense, competent, direct, and honest.

With the information above, I helped Andy choose his brand color palette using principles of color psychology.

Blue conveys reliability and integrity.

Orange communicates passion and energy.
Black suggests strength and modernism.

Gray is associated with professionalism and balance.

Andy’s curated personal brand color palette helped us choose the photoshoot location and with styling.

Southend is a fantastic area to shoot headshot sessions. With lots of outdoor seating, murals, and modern architecture, I can easily design a shoot to fit a large variety of brands!

We scheduled Andy’s summer shoot for and early weekend morning. As the Carolina summers are so brutal, I do my best to craft shoot timelines that end before the heat and humidity hit!

The images we created during this Southend headshot session can be utilized in a lot of ways! With them, Andy can refresh his social media presence and craft a resume that stands out. For the next few years, anytime he is asked to provide a headshot, he has several ready to go!

Our last location was one of my favorites in the Southend area! The little community area behind Byron’s Southend is photogenic and full of interesting textures and leading lines. Andy was partial to all the weathered wood!

Southend headshot session by Elizabeth A Images LLC

Andy was so fun to work with, and I’m excited to see how he uses his images!

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