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southend headshots

In the late summer of 2020, I worked with computer hardware engineer Will W. Together we created a set of personal brand images that reflect who he is, what he does, and his professional strengths.

southend headshots by Elizabeth A Images, Charlotte photographer

In professional spaces, Will loves to innovate and build useful things. Will wants to communicate that he is very driven, resourceful, committed, focused, optimistic, humble, open-minded, and steady-paced through his personal brand presence.

We used Will’s personal brand adjectives and color psychology to thoughtfully choose his personal brand color palette.

Blue communicates stability and creativity.
Orange conveys drive and optimism.
Brown is associated with trustworthiness and reliability.
Gray evokes a sense of balance and professionalism.

I included green as a supplemental color because it is associated with friendliness, loyalty, and success.

The rustic wood wall (below) is a perfect backdrop for Will’s workspace images. It provides so much warmth and texture, contrasting nicely with his blue polo shirt and silver props. I love using this spot for men’s headshots!

After a quick outfit change, we utilized the outside of a freshly-finished, modern retail complex as our second location. I love the way the images below have a clean, professional feel, yet they are still very visually interesting!

This quick and easy personal brand session with Will was so fun and productive! We covered a lot of ground in 40 minutes. Will was pleased with the results, and his personal brand feels very fresh and cohesive now! He can use these images to communicate who he is and what he does wherever he has a professional presence.

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