Matthews NC Portrait Photographer

Hello! I’m Elizabeth A., the girl behind the lens.

I’ve been in love with creating images for a while now, so much so that I studied photography at the University of Nebraska. There, in the darkroom surrounded by developing chemicals, I came to the realization that this hobby of mine was my passion.

I am available for both personal + commercial photography work. I enjoy making both people and their products look good! My favorite photography session type is individual photoshoots with women, for whom I create vibrant and dramatic portraits. My goal is to help every woman I work with not only feel beautiful, but to show her how she looks to the world around her -strong + capable!

If you are interested in working with me (I’d love to work with you!), please contact me via my “contact” page, elizabethaimages@yahoo.com, or Facebook page: facebook.com/elizabethaimages.

– Elizabeth A.